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Controlling Your MINDBODY State

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." (Lao-Tzu)

Welcome to CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY, the art of modulating your own psychophysical chemistry for increased quality of life. Do you ever feel like you live in the Bizarro Universe, where everything seems totally backward? You try and try, but can't seem to get where you would like to be. Somehow, it seems the 'bad guys' thrive yet you can't make any consistent progress with your life. Or, maybe you would just like to enhance the success you have achieved even more. We need to learn the art of living well, instead of living better.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Who says Life is Fair? If there is no Justice, maybe, there is JUST US. Directed self-motivation is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and it can be learned. YOU HAVE THE POWER - the power to focus your attention where it will do the most good, the power to create instantaneous change in your moods, attitudes, and feelings. CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY means changing the lead of your unrefined personality into the gold of creative self-fulfillment. Every day is a Vision Quest.


Is pain, grief, depression, fear, anxiety, guilt, relationship or career disappointment, rejection, alienation, inner conflict, victimization, resentment, superstition, rage, self-doubt or procrastination holding you back,  Perhaps your old view of your self has become confining, obsolete, role-bound, or you just feel stuck. Are you afraid you can't cope with either failure or success? We always have to adapt to our environment. You have to TRY, even to fail. Maybe you think your 'glory days' are all in the past

Through CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY you can retrieve the psychophysical biochemistry of your balanced and peak performance states. You can apply this to pain management as well as emotional issues or boosting your potential. By recalling vital times, you essentially regress your body chemistry to a more youthful you, and minimize the toxic chemistry of stress. This allows both body and mind to relax and recalibrate homeostasis. You can also draw on the support and encouragement of your evolving future self through imagination. Just as one incident can create trauma, one healing moment can change that instantly.

AUTOSUGGESTION: Even small changes in your thinking and attitude can change the way you think and feel about yourself, and your potential for self-expression, challenge, and resilience.  It can help you feel you can regain a measure of control over your body and mind. The more positive energy in your life, the less room there is for self-defeating negativity. The more you move toward your positive future, the less the past can exert its backward pull. All you need is the resolve to meet the fear and pain that block you from creative change.


Perhaps you've just lacked the right tools to help you realize your potential, to make it so. Self-mastery is a continuous process which can be used to improve your position wherever you currently find yourself. Our motivations come from our beliefs and values. But along the road of life we may not have developed the resources to deploy our skills or have fallen into traps that derail us when we try.  Identifying beliefs and roadblocks is a solid first step to change. You already probably know exactly what you would like to change, and just how you feel when that's not happening, and even where you feel that in your body and what it is like.

The body is an alchemical furnace. The brain sends chemical messengers - neurotransmitters of pain and pleasure - throughout the body.  In turn, the body sends signals to the brain about its sense of distress or safety and well-being. We can intervene intentionally in this cycle at any point.  We can use nutrition, exercise, and psychosensory exercises that create the kinds of experiences that move us forward in our goals.  This is 21st Century alchemy - intentionally changing body chemistry from both inside and outside.  Our organism obeys one of the maxims of information technology: "Garbage In; Garbage Out".


DISCOVER THE WHOLE IN YOUR SOUL: What lies beyond the MYSTIC VEIL just out of your reach, what NECESSARY THINGS that make life more worthwhile? WHAT ARE THE FIVE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of nourishment we can draw from beyond the Mystic Veil of pure potential? Maybe the blessings of infinite love without fear, or optimal health, infinite bounty or infinite Oneness?

What's wrong with the outmoded picture you hold of yourself, your beliefs and your internal map of reality? You can learn to bring more resources from the world of potential into manifestation. Imagination is your greatest tool for self-change. You have an inner directing voice ready to help. Visions, dreams, myths, language and philosophy are more than mere phatoms.  They can become as tangible as human flesh.

What is your most precious possession? YOUR BODY! because without it, nothing else matters, not family, relationships, career, money, hobbies, or possessions. Good nutrition, (what you eat to fuel your body and what you don't eat), supports your physical, emotional and mental health. Bodies like routine. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Without it you can't model good self-care for your loved ones. You can approach your body like a work of art.


SELF-DIRECTION: You can apply the same disciplines to your mind, as well. We can use proven techniques to develop more resilience and flexibility in both mind and body. Studies have shown that the mindbody cannot distinguish imagination from reality in its automatic reactions. The same internal chemistry is produced whether you do something or imagine it, making mind and body truly one.  Transform your imagination into reality.

It all starts and ends with imagination - with what you picture in your mind and the self-talk you use to convince yourself what things mean and what to do. This is where you develop vision and create meaning which leads to purpose and understanding your mission in life. To change your mind, along with the feelings, attitudes and chemistry that it creates, just systematically change your imagination - the image you hold of your self, others, and world.

INNER GUIDANCE: There is an intimate connection between the chemistry of your body and that of your mind and moods. Health and well-being involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. A healthy mindbody opens the way to balance, integration, and inner peace, without resorting to personality-distorting medications. Research has shown that therapy is as effective as antidepressants. We all need exercise, affection, and discipline. We also benefit from reflection or self-knowledge. This INVESTIGATION OF SELF is a spiritual journey toward increased balance and mastery.


PEAK EXPERIENCE: Have you ever experienced a moment of surpassing bliss? Maybe on the rapids of creative work when a force greater than yourself is guiding your movements to trace out the shapes of truth and beauty? Or perhaps you have found such a moment in the ecstasy of romantic love? Or in an extraordinary success you achieved with a team of good friends? Or perhaps there was a song or a melody that managed to smuggle itself into your heart, setting it alight with kaleidoscopic emotion?

If you have experienced such a moment, experienced the best type of such a moment, then a certain idle (but sincere) thought may also have presented itself to you: “Oh Heaven! I never realized it could feel like this. This is on a different level, so much more real and worthwhile than anything else. Why can’t it be like this always? Why must good times end? I was sleeping and now I am awake.”



AWAKEN YOUR GENIUS: These attributes or qualities of the Infinite emanate out from a center that is everywhere and nowhere or Nothing. You can imagine it as the unbound Zero Point Energy of subspace beyond energy/matter. Everything in existence comes from this groundstate, the blueprint of creation. Everything and nothingness emanates in all directions to a circumference both everywhere and finite.  We can tap this NEGENTROPY with the Power of Insight and self-expression. It is the wellspring of creativity.

PERPETUAL MOTION: This process sustains our mindbodies and works for us even better when we tap into it consciously each day for refreshment and renewal.  This creative spirit is constantly in motion and a manifestation of our sacred inwardness, attributes of our personal genius, the self or essence, authentic spirit. If we have fallen into self-estrangement from perfection, it is into narcissism or false ego. The past is behind ego; the future is in front of ego. Your future is a process, not a destination. Self as mindfulness, is always here NOW. Your own interior space is the labyrinth of transformation.

SOURCE: Each day we can feed on or absorb the qualities of authentic genius. We call a person a genius who manifests exemplary humaness at its most creative, who is in tune with the times or zeitgeist. We may not "be" a genius", but we each "have" potential genius within us. The influence of primordial genius transcends time and space. We seek it in the Abyss of our primordial selves. What is best and oldest within us transcends creation, where the self begins. Art is itself Nature, and the art of being fully human means expanding our consciousness beyond mere personality.

SUSTENANCE: To absorb means to take something in as through the pores or every atom of the body, to engross our full attention or energy, or to assimilate fully. We are a conduit or transformer of the unmanifest to the manifest. This is the deep nature of our embodiment, augmenting ourselves as we move from the past to the future. Fierce originality is a quality of self-actualization. Genius is a mystery of consciousness that arises in the individual imagination whenever it appears. Our genius is our inclination, natural gift or inborn imaginative power. Genius recognizes itself. Genius has no limits.

ANCHOR GENIUS: If a practice augments our consciousness -- intensifies, clarifies, activates or widens our awareness --why wouldn't we use it? All generic forms of meditation, visualization and active imagination do this if we but use them. We can imagine our thumb is Infinite Oneness and attribute the other elements to our fingers in no particular order. This allows us to create simple ANCHORS in the receptive state as cues we can 'fire off' by touching thumb and fingers together to potentiate and manifest each quality with appreciation and gratitutude. 

UNBOUND SELF: This is an instant signal to the mindbody which can be reinforced each day, reminding us to let the energies of Oneness, Peace, Love, Bounty and Health flow through us unobstructed. This is the apprehension of our own genius, our inmost creative spirit. This is what we mean by Self-Reliance -- relying on the greater self, rather than the mediocrity of our narcissistic egos. Self is the primordial I AM of Being, as fundamental as inhalation and exhalation. Our lives are defined by their limitations and the strategies we use to cope with and overcome them.

FLOW: Genius embodies powers greater than our own for no one can ever embody at once all the potential qualities of archetypal Self. But we can become extraordinary by tranforming our character like carving a diamond from the rough. The self expresses the unity of the personality as a Whole, our holistic organism. The unconscious, including the mindbody and energy body, is the medium from which the sacred Source flows forth.

EXPANDED SELF: The self is the whole range of psychic phenomena, a psychic organ of perception. The self is transcendent, a center between conscious and unconscious, because it points to an unlimited future and unbound creative expansion of the evolutionary process. It signifies the harmony and balance of various opposing forces. Symbols of the self can be anything the ego recognizes as a greater totality than itself: the androgyne, the diamond body, the flower of life.

HUMAN SURVIVAL TECHNOLOGY: Why settle for mediocrity. Genius is in us all, awaiting discovery. We can touch the truly sublime if we but turn our attention receptively in that direction. Talent is a gift; genius is a given ~ but you must claim it to make it yours. Technological development will likely make lots of things quite unexpectedly different quite unexpectedly soon.

We are moving toward sweeping transformation, a transhuman era, in which Bio-art extends our perceptions and enhances us with Superlative State Technology available on demand. Emerging technologies will allow people to control their experience of trust, love, lust, jealousy, loyalty, fear, aggression and hatred.

How can we preserve human choice and freedom in a world where people can change their own desires and motivations? But why wait? Soft technologies, meditation and process therapy, are available now. Jumpstart your meaningful process and prepare for your own evolution.

Through meditation we can take a time out from the Bizarro Universe of everday life, and get in touch with our Being. Our essential self can be found on the other side of the Mystic Veil, where The Five Essential Elements have their roots. Come find out how to partake of this life-sustaining Source of all manifestation.