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In the comic, Captain Marvel's power figues invoked with the acronym SHAZAM were Solomon=Wisdom, Hercules=Strength, Atlas=Stamina, Zeus=Power, Achilles=Courage, and Mercury=Speed.  His female counterpart Mary Marvel relied on Selena=Grace, Hippolyta=Strength, Ariadne=Skill, Zephyrus=Speed, Aphrodite=Beauty, Minerva=Wisdom. 

Both men and women can benefit by identifying with this pantheon of qualities and abilities.  We each have masculine and feminine components, which are often balanced out by our partners.  We can learn to carry those qualities for ourselves, coming closer to our own wholeness.  Then we are even better partners because we are calm and balanced.

If your aim is self-mastery, how should you direct your attention toward that goal?  Attention divides and re-attributes consciousness and energy for purposeful creation. Attention defines what can be made. Focus on your states of consciousness and learn how to modulate them deliberately, creatively.  You are a frameless work of art in the act of becoming.

You can widen your spectrum of available states, enhancing your quality of life.  Attention flows into action, purified by passion, assisted by language, fitting appropriately with what it must act on, in the trance necessary for the action and reflection on that manifestation. Through CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY you can retrieve the psychophysical biochemistry of your balanced and peak performance states. This essentially regresses your body chemistry to a more youthful you, and minimizes the toxic chemistry of stress.

We may or may not achieve our desires in terms of self-mastery, but we can move consistently toward them by applying discipline and establishing creative routines.  We can structure our lives so positive changes have room to grow and bloom.

All states of consciousnes are trances.  They can be externally as well as internally directed.  What trances have you been reinforcing in your life and how do you do it?  Language, and therefore self-talk, is a powerful trance inducer.  So are physical cues - certain sights, sounds, touch, smells. 

If you find yourself automatically trancing in a negative way, you can change that by simply directing your attention systematically. You intend to change that state and you simply do it, and do it now.  Why now?  Because this present moment - the eternal NOW - is all there ever is.  Besides. if not NOW, when?  Now it is possible; and now you can do it. You can make tangible changes toward actualizing your potential.


1. GOAL SETTING: Know your outcome.

2. PROACTIVE: Move yourself by deciding to act now.

3. FEEDBACK: Notice the effects of your actions.

4. MODULATE: If your chosen action is not working, change your approach and do something different.


1. Find a role models enjoying results you desire.

2. Find out that person's patterns and behaviors.

3. Emulate that behavior until you achieve your results.


Write down two decisions you are procrastinating on that could change your life if you take action.  Decide to do so and take action immediately on these two decisions.

BENCHMARK RITUALS: Self-Conditioning

1. Identify your rituals and ways of viewing the world, your self-talk and body-language.

2. List five negative emotions you habitually experience (depression, discouragment, sadness, loneliness, etc.)

3. Target your ritual cycles for each of these emotions: the patterns and tapes in your mind you replay to feel them, the habitual round of associations, the "recipe" for each emotional state, and its "payoff". You can intervene in any part of a ritual cycle to change it by disrupting the habitual pattern.

4. Do the same for five positive emotions you connect with, such as resilience, resourcefulness, cooperation.


1. Find out just how you create the state;

2. If you don't do what you're putting off what are the real and absolute worst-case consequences?

3. If you were already done with this task how much more joy would you have? Picture it and really FEEL it.

4. Reframe into a habit of "I want to..." rather than "I have to..." then "fake it till you make it".

5. Learn new body movements and proactive behavior to interrupt the procrastination cycle; take a baby-step, then another, and another.

What's New with My Subject?


In the original comic book 'Billy Batson', becomes superhero 'Captain Marvel' when he says the magic word 'Shazam!', an acronym for six gods and heroes of the ancient world.  You too can call upon your own pantheon of transpersonal forces to transform and support you in the transformation process. By doing this you practice and learn to incorporate a part of their archetypal powers.

PARTICIPATORY WISDOM: You can create a better you, starting with personifiying an image of your resourceful, super-functioning WHOLE SELF. Jung suggested personification as a way of dialoguing and building a relationship with the higher self, our genius or Daemon, who represents our potential powers...our inner superhero.

The SIX BUILDING BLOCKS are: attention, language, passion, fitting or resonance, trance and making.  The EIGHT POWERS developed include communication, neuroplasticity, transformation, transmission, beauty, understanding, balance and opening. Together, they clear the path to a more fulfilling future as well as immediate reinforcing rewards.

We already have images and shapes and feelings about WHO this as-yet-unrealized being is.  And, we can learn to embody that more and more without bringing egocentric or narcissistic baggage into the picture.  The more this entity is congruent with our intended purpose, the better he or she will help us actualize.  Passion is the measure of congruence.  Your passion is what you are wholly involved in, engrossed and fulfilled by. 

When embodied as self-expression, you are of one mind and one will toward specific aims.  Every thought, word, action, expression, and attitude support the directed attention.  We become the embodiment of our will, instilling us with even more compelling passion to drive the cycle of transformation further. States and experiences chosen become specific to your ends. 

The flow of passion motivates and empowers.  Congruence of beliefs, desires, thoughts, feelings and behavior adds power and energy to attention. This enhances your appreciation of beauty, increases enjoyment of life, and inflames the senses and body toward action.  Automatically, this dissolves the outmoded structures of habits and reconditions us with flows of transformative attention forming new brain and behavioral pathways.

Passion flows through the body and is expressed in language.  Passion with rapport is charisma; passion with trance and transport is ecstasy. Dynamic, flowing passion is the creative essence of emotion itself which drives interaction. Passion can be built with ecstatic breathing, trance dance and other rhythmic movements, as well as sensual and spiritual delights.


Realize that the psychophysical state you are in conditions your behavior and performance.  You alone are always responsible for your own states. You can modify your state by modifying your physiology.  You can move into your power postures, and your power voice, change your breathing and facial expression to confident mode. Get absolutely passionate, energized and enthusiastic.  Practice moving from neutral to passionate states from negative ones. Focus. Eliminate "endless loop" questions from your self-talk. Ask yourself leading questions each morning. Pose empowering questions to yourself to amplify your personal power and self-esteem. Counter with compelling reasons to drive you forward.


Something must change.
You must change it.
You can change it.


The TAO models the flowing lifestyle and can be a living spring or resource for our renewal.  When you are out of balance, you need to go DOWN BY RIVERSIDE to your safe place and regain your serenity by identifying with that peaceful flowing state. Imagine all your negativity flowing on down the stream back into the ocean of awareness, dissolving like drops in that ocean.  Imagine all the resources from beyond the MYSTIC VEIL flowing toward and into you as you make room for them by letting go of negativity.

ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE: Interrupt you present pattern of association. Do something different with your body and mind. Imagine, anchor and embody a new empowering association until it becomes stabilized. Concentrate on what you DO want; feel it and link pleasure with it.

ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE: Imagine a painful or distateful experience you've had.  Turn that scene into a black and white image and begin shrinking it smaller and smaller until it becomes insignificant.


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." (Lao-Tzu)





Filter the negative energy through the screen of The MYSTIC VEIL, converting it into positive energy.  Then send it our into the Universe, thereby changing your own consciousness as well as the universal consciousness. This helps bring the Five Essential Elements into the Bizarro side of the Mystic Veil, resulting in flipping the energy of the Veil and increasing manifestation and embodiment of the Five Essential Elements.


Fill the Void with the Five Essential Elements.

Then, let them flow out to the universe.

The continual flow (pulsations) must keep moving, never becoming stuck. A river never bcomes "stuck"; it just flows on.

Change the energy of your thoughts into matter (neuropeptides).  Then change the matter back into energy and flow the positive energy out into the Universe. This is Conscious Alchemy.


YOU are a filter or transformer of Cosmic Energy. Alchemy happens in your mindbody when you make yourself receptive to the FIVE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS, bring them across The Mystic Veil, and transmit them into the manifest Universe.

What you pursue will retreat.  When you pursue, rather than letting go and becoming receptive, your goal retreats beyond the barrier to happiness.  When you draw on the essential elements that barrier becomes the mystic veil and the unmanifest can come into you and become embodied and transmitted out to the ends of the universe.

"Reptilian", or primitive brain energy, feeds those who operate at that unevolved level of automatic response mechanisms. So, if you break the cycle in yourself of transmitting this toxic energy, it lessens its increment in the world.  You stop feeding the toxic cycle.

"Even if you win the rat race, you're still a fuc*ing rat." William Coffin, Jr., former Chaplain of Yale University

How do you find God?  By NOT finding him.  It's a lifetime of seeking.  Those who think they found Him have ceased their journey and will never find Him.


Captain Marvel is YANG - unlimited heavenly possibilities.

Mary Marvel is YIN - earthbound goddess, grounded in nurturing.

Balance: YIN & YANG

Each of us is male.female in our energy bodies.  When we memorize the aspects of SHAZAM, we can evoke transformation.  The transformation is a complete balance of masculine/feminine, patriarchal/matriarchal, Yin/ Yang.



Change your STATE:

If you are ANGRY - remember the Tao, the flowing river energy.  Take yourself in imagination "DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE" and picture that calm flowing energy flowing into you, while anger flows on downstream and dissipates completely.  Make a phrase, such as "Ain't gonna study war no more" to change your thought patterns and stop obsessive ruminations.  It is even better to make a positively stated goal.


You can practice lucid dreaming, awake or asleep.  The waking dream is an opportunity for transformation.  To program yourself for lucid dreaming, look at your hands while in the dream to remember you are dreaming...then you can play creatively with your plastic imagination.


Visualization helps you change your "scripts" and attitudes.  Use visualization to conquer depression.  For example, picture something totally absurd that makes you chuckle inwardly, such as "GANDHI ON A STRIPPER POLE". 

Courage is not the absence of fear; Courage is conquering fear.  Intervene in your own toxic tought/feeling cycles and they will change. You can modulate your states.


1. MEDITATE with Holosynch, Hemisynch or similar resonance technology, or the practice of your choice.

2. CONTEMPLATE on the 5 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS, either in order, randomly, or specifically on the ones that are resourceful for you at that current time.  For example, if you are anxious about something, go to Infinite Peace, making yourself receptive while letting tensions go.

3. To facilitate the flow into the Universe, use the NLP method of THE WATCHER or Observer Self.  Get above it all.  Go up in a bubble and watch yourself meditating, watch yourself get smaller and smaller and your image change to black and white.

4. Have your WATCHER SELF put a small dot on the bullseye of your small black and white meditating self.  Explode the dot into a thousand golden particles AND at the same time, instantly see the image yourself grow huge and in vivid color as the cosmic energy explodes solid particles of pure gold into the Universe.  Use the audial digital magic work SHAZAM!!! as you do the process.  Repeat the process five times, or until you feel the desired results are embodied in your chemistry and essence. Repeat the process for each essential element in no particular order.

5.  One of the positive results of the process is not only are you sending the positive energy of the 5 essential elements out into the universe, but you become aware that your own reptilian thoughts, words and actions also go out into the universe if you don't intervene in the cycle.  They can cause irreparable harm not only to the universe but also to individuals as the energy of reptilian thoughs instantly transform into matter in the form of neuropeptides. 

Do you want to feed this toxic cycle? NO, of course you don't. The consciousness of the sender of toxic energy is not only being destructive of he universe itself, but also being self-destructive, feeding consciuosness with narcissistic reptilian energy.Not only do we become automatic response mechanisms, we send out toxic reptilian energy into the Collective Unconcious where reptilian people (fundamentalists in every way) feed on the toxic energy.

Reptilian, fear-based energy can be used to control, manipulate and exploit, not only the inhabitants of this planet but the planet itself. Since this planet is our home, these reptilian thinkers and doers are truly HOME WRECKERS. The KEY is to give the elements to the universe. Do not attempt to apply them to yourself or your ocndition.  It only works if you pass them through your consciousness and give them to THE ONE.  If you apply them only to yourself or your condition they will not work.  This becomes a form of narcissism which is THE OBSTRUCTION to the Universe.


Remember - you can't willfully control your thoughts.  You must transform reptilian energy which becomes matter instantly back into energy.  Let it flow out of your consciousness into the universe.  Failure to do so will clog your consciousness with narcissistic obstructions and will cause you to repeat self-destructive, self-sabotaging actions which not only are destructive to you but to the universe, in general.

The Catch 22 in this process is the awareness that by flowing this reptilian energy out to the universe, that energy feeds the unenlightened reptiles that seem to be currently running the show - the toxic predators. Holding a grudge causes a drop in serotonin, causing an imbalance in your neurotransmitters which permeates your moods and actions.

By being aware of this conssciously, you can actually reprogram your subconscious so that eventually you eliminate your own reptilian, narcissistic thought and only have positive thoughts and enegy on the subconscious as well as the conscious plane.  This is an intuitive process. This is enlightenment.

Remember - The goal is to let the thoughts go and at the same time realize the energy of those thought feeds the reptilian consciousness.  So, the goal is to train your subconscious to not even have those thoughts, based in faulty beliefs, in the first place.  The way to do that is conscious awareness at all time, thus programming your subconscious to eliminate all narcissistic reptilian thought from both conscious and unconscious mind with CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY.

EMBRACE THE VOID from which comes all unconditioned energy/matter.



1. Memorize the attributes of what SHAZAM stands for, both the masculine (Captain Marvel) and the feminine (Mary Marvel).  The importance of this is to evoke the balance of YIN & YANG.

2. Find a photo of yourself when you were young, strong, and were at your physical peak. Use an image when you were happy and things were going your way, when you were at the apex of your physical powers, emotionally stable and physiologically healthy.  Use this photo as a model for your transformation.  Even the memory begins changing your body chemistry. That is conscicous alchemy.

3. Sit down in a comfortable chair, alone, in a dimly lit room.

4. If available, listen to a Meditation CD through stereo headphones as you do the process.

5. Relax, take 3 deep breaths, breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.  Keep your tongue against the roof of your mouth to insure proper breathing technique.

6. Place your left hand on your abdomen so you can feel your diaphram moving in and out as you breathe. It is important to breathe with your diaphragm to insure deep breathing during the process.

7. As you inhale deeply, repeat to yourself the word "I", when you exhale slowly and thoroughly.  Inhale the word AM. I AM, I AM, I AM.

8. Breath deeply and slowly three times, inhaling through your nose and exhaling fully through your mouth - I AM, I AM, I AM...

9. When you've done your breathing, become The Watcher.  See your self, high above your meditating self, watching yourself meditating.

10. Have The Watcher you make the meditating you grow smaller and further away until the meditator you becomes so small that the watcher you can barely see the meditater you because the it is so small and far away.

11. As the meditater you becomes distant and smaller, change the image to black and white.

12. Now, place a dot, like a laser beam in the center of the small, distant, black and white you, like a bullseye target.

13. Evoke the word SHAZAM!!! and have the black and white small distant you explode into a huge technicolor image of pure golden energy, changing the toxic lead of narcissism to pure gold of pure awareness.

14. Watch as the golden energy swirls, then come together to form an image of yourself as you were in the photo you picked out earlier.

15. Repeat the process five times fast.  Try to go faster each time you repeat it, so by the 5th time it happens instantly.  As fast as the thought that creates the image, you transform utterly.

16. Notice how you feel: stronger, younger, more energy, positive, on top of your game with unlimited possibilities.

17. Repeat the process daily as many times as you want or need at will to control your moods and state.  Simply by repeating the word SHAZAM!, wherever you are, you can immediately change your state at will.

18. You can say the word SHAZAM out loud, once you do the initial process.  It actually has more power for transformation when you do say it and hear it aloud.

19. Enjoy your results.

20. Spread that joy and serenity.


Meditation can give you a chance to reset or recalibrate your whole organism each day. It is a timeout from stressful events and doing to just be. Pass through the Mystic Veil and connect with our life-sustaining FIVE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS. This is the Source of all creativity and all manifestation.